Jose "Selit" Rapadas III

PEOPLE, PLACES AND EVENTS. These are my favorite shoots. I learned photography the old school way. I tagged along and watched the pros do it. I got my hands wet and dirty from hours of dark room work so that I would have control of my prints. These days I attend workshops conducted by master photographers who specialize in various disciplines in an effort to learn new techniques in "shooting" as well as post production in an effort to produce quality photographs.

My name is Jose but I like to be called by my nickname, Selit. I started off photographing product layouts for labels and company brochures as a commercial photographer in the 80's. I dabbled a bit in portraiture; challenging but not quite interesting for me then. I wanted action and interaction from my photographs. After a few years, I finally gave up photography in favor of getting a "real job".

In the late 90s, with the introduction of the digital camera and a multitude of computer programs to replace the darkroom, I decided to take the plunge and bought my very first 3 megapixel Kodak Digital Camera with a whopping 8 Mb Flash Card. To this day, I have this camera and flash card to remind me not to complain about my camera having only 35 million or so pixels and a double port SD card holder capable of using two 32 Gb SD cards (perhaps more). These are just the tools of the trade. The subjects are the same and the passion even more invigorated. PORTRAITS, ACTION, NATURE AND FINE ARTS photography are what I want to share with you today.

I would love to create a memory or two of you and your special event be it an outing on the beach, a wedding, a vacation in some exotic place, a sporting event or a safari in Africa. We can make it happen. For special assignments I can be reached at 650-255-5937 or